• £ 24

    Large selection of entrance mats in various sizes and colors. The Classic Entrance Mat will withstand all the tough requirements of an entrance. It absorbs moisture and dirt. The Classic Mat is aprofessional absorbant washable mat for entrances with high traffic. The heavy-duty nylon yarn is dyed by etching which gives nice lustre and color fastness.

    £ 24
  • £ 46

    Whether as a mat or in the form of a runner, our Logo Printed Mats offer more than just cleanliness. Perfect for use in offices, stores, hotels, banks, exhibition halls and many other locations. Enhance your company premises with the Logo Printed Mat, in entrances or rooms, in which visitors, customers and guests circulate.

    £ 46
  • £ 1,822

    Size & color on your terms! A pile rug gives your room a cozy feeling while you get a sound absorbing effect.

    £ 1,822
  • £ 995

    You do not have to choose between running shoes or getting sore feet when standing up at work! "Standup!" is a clever ergonomic work mat that distributes the load on the feet. Get yourself a healthy habit at work. Move the seat, making room for "Standup!" - Use your high table and feel better!

    £ 995